Top travel tips for the Multiverse

Top travel tips for the Multiverse
Photo by Misael Moreno / Unsplash

My own adventures through the multiverse have been as wild as they are varied, like the time I avoided a hurricane by taking refuge on a submarine going under it, or the time I was chased by a pack of wild dogs and had to climb a stone column to escape. The following are few tips that have kept me alive. I hope they are as helpful for you as they have been for me.

  • Be patient - This seems like obvious advice for any activity, it is especially true for traveling the multiverse. When first arriving in a new reality I have found it best to observe both the environment and the local inhabitants to ensure I can seamlessly integrate as safely as possible.
  • Be Observant - Integrating into a new reality can be a difficult task, even when the reality in question is similar to your origin. Minor differences in customs and speech can cause the locals enough discomfort that they realize something is amiss. If this happens you could find yourself unable to navigate the world freely and could even prevent you from accessing your next portal.
  • Paper - Paper is the one proven medium that can survive traversing a portal. As long as it is carried on your person it will remain available to you at all times. Be sure to collect paper from every reality you visit. When paper is left unattended it will return to its home reality on its own. This trait is what makes it so useful. You can easily mail a letter or postcard to someone in a different reality and they will receive it.
  • Take detailed notes - Seasoned travelers know to write down everything. Electronics often fail when traversing portals and just flat out don't work in some realities. Paper is the best medium for storing data when traveling the multiverse. For multimedia files such as images, video, and audio I use analog as much as possible. Analog isn't always the best option. I do carry my phone and sometimes a GoPro, there are precautions you can take to increase the odds of digital mediums surviving the transition between worlds, but that is a discussion for another article.
  • Carry gems and precious metals - Cash is rarely identical even in parallel universes, but, people love shiny things in all of them. Gold, diamonds, sapphires, and ruby's are among some of what I carry when I traverse a new portal. I can almost always barter for the local currency or other necessary supplies.
  • Pack a scarf - Douglas Adams advocated for a towel, but we recommend a lighter weight piece of cloth to be used as a cover-up for any situation you might find yourself in. Alternatively it can be used as an impromptu bag to carry any extra items you might scavenge on your way. And if push comes to shove you can even use it as a towel. Ford Prefect would certainly approve.
  • Make friends with a local - Securing a safe haven or just having free access to your portal can make all the difference in the worlds. I like to leave small emergency kits at strategic points along my route's, especially for the routes I use to get home. Finding yourself without the ability to access your normal portal can be stressful at the best of times and catastrophic in the worst of times.
  • Don't Panic - Stress is sometimes a constant companion, keeping a level head and making decisions logically is the best approach. Surprises will happen, you should expect the unexpected.